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IC Global Partners is an early-stage investor in technology companies across the globe that carry transformative agendas.

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"In the town of Sevenoaks between 75 and 50 BC, came the Belgae, vigorous warrior-settlers of mixed Gaulish and German ancestry. Building hill-forts including the one at Oldbury, they were the most sophisticated of the Celtic tribes, growing wheat and flax and tending their cattle. They were skilled potters and metal-workers minting considerable quantities of coins."

Who We Are

IC Global Partners are a band of brothers who once shared a space in Kent. United by a sense of purpose and responsibility they harness their global footprint in search of tomorrow's entrepreneurs, building a portfolio of the future, one story at a time.

Julius Friedlander
Yousef Al-Yousef
Hector Lloyd
Jerry Peng
Johannes Ern
Mugwe Manga
Vinay Gokaldas
Wagner Eleuteri

Executive Team




What3Words is a geocoding system for the communication of locations with a resolution of three metres.

January 2017


Tax Free Shopping

STAMP is a VAT-free shopping service that lets you claim back 100% of VAT while travelling.

June 2018


Ride Sharing

Gokada is an on-demand motorbike hailing service headquartered in Lagos.

January 2019